Barrier Free Living

Custom interiors for people with reduced mobility

We believe that all design disciplines need to work together. Our approach is to build a universal design that will be accessible to all. The interior design schemes are developed in close coordination to support people with reduced mobility. The process will ensure designs, architectural design, and lighting teams generate a harmonious aesthetic that results in exceptionally well executed balanced, and beautifully finished homes for all.

Planning that minimizes travel distances and promotes flexibility and adaptability of each room.
The integration of maximum maneuvrability areas and counter surfaces to all.
The installation of barrier-free bathrooms equipped with all the additional accessories necessary to be autonomous.
Controlled lighting that prevents glare while promoting increased visibility.
A range of materials that are both aesthetic and resistant, easy to clean and non-slip.

Services adapted according to the client's needs

People with temporary or long-term reduced mobility.
Seniors with special needs
Young retirees wishing to prepare for their future.